Men’s Clothing in Florence, SC

Partnered with Goosie Ganders Interiors & Gifts, Butler’s Fine Men’s Clothing carries the well-crafted, stylish clothes you need to feel and look your best. As a premier men’s clothing boutique, we stock everything from casualwear and collegiate apparel to suits and tuxedos. Our suit store is known for handcrafted, custom suits for men and offers formalwear rentals for special occasions, such as weddings and school dances. Our inventory of extended sizes provides the men in Florence, SC with access to the high-quality, fashionable clothes they want to wear in the sizes that best fit them.

  • Accessories

    Want to elevate your style? Accessorize your handmade suit with the pocket square, belt and cufflinks you need to complete the look. We have all the accouterments to make you the most dapper man in Florence County. You can also buy cologne at our men’s clothing store, too!

    We are exclusive dealers of men’s brackish bowties!

  • Casual and Outerwear

    You can still look handsome and neat wearing casual clothing. We have an expansive inventory of casual clothing such as collegiate apparel, jeans, sweaters and polo shirts. You can also find the outerwear you need for the winter, whether that’s a new jacket or a thermal vest.

    We carry Peter Miilar, Souther Tide, Smathers and Branson, and more name brands!

  • Shoes

    We’ve got you covered from head to toe. If you need new shoes to go with your everyday attire or a brand-new work suit, visit us today. We also sell socks in a variety of styles.

    We carry Matin Digham, Cole Haan, Trask, and more name brands!

  • Suits and Formalwear

    Whether you’re looking to rent a tuxedo for a single evening or invest in a custom suit, we have everything you need for your upcoming formal events. Find the perfect silk tie or bow tie or have us tailor a custom shirt to go with your new suit. We also accommodate wedding parties looking for rental or suit packages.

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Butler’s Fine Men’s Clothing provides all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories a man needs for his life. From casual clothing to formal attire, let us fill the gaps in your wardrobe. Call Goosie Ganders Interiors & Gifts today with any questions at (843) 669-2231 or Butler’s Fine Men at (843) 667-9671 drop by our storefront in Florence, SC to view our inventory of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and more.

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